“Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.”
– John Wayne
Tomorrow morning the Club will Zoom meet at 7:30 AM.  The theme of this meeting is “Show your Favorite Coffee Mug.”  
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RLYA) is canceled until next year.
2020 District Conference is canceled. A District Celebration at The Bibb Mill Event Center in Columbus, GA is scheduled for Saturday, June 13th.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
Virtual After-Hours Party – April 14th at 5:00 PM. (Updates to follow)
Donation Derby – May 2nd, 5:00 PM Cocktails, 6:00 PM Derby.  A virtual fundraiser and Derby Day Party to celebrate community and support the organizations dedicated to helping people in these challenging times.
We now have a path for you to help fight the COVID 19 Virus. Volunteer Surge, a nonprofit consortium, announced Monday, April 6 the launch of a new initiative to recruit, train and deploy 1,000,000 volunteer health workers to address surging health care needs during the COVID 19 epidemic.  As people of action, Rotary, their family, friends and networks are getting this message out and signing up.
The COVID 19 epidemic is pushing the American healthcare system to the breaking point—and leaving our frontline medical providers overwhelmed and exhausted. But there's hope. Many of the most basic caretaking tasks can be performed by volunteer assistants, so the professionals can focus on tending to the most acute needs.
Please see the attachments to learn more or follow the instructions below:
  1. Go to – www.theglobalimpactgroup.org or TGIG.org
  3. Select TAKE ACTION to show interest and build a volunteer profile
  4. There are two tracts available to take:
    1. Become a HOME BASED Telehealth Volunteer.
    2. Become a Community Health Worker and work in the field.
  5. To become a Telehealth Volunteer, you will complete an 8-10-hour online course available April 8.
  6. To become a Community Health Worker, you will complete a 30-35-hour online course available now.
United Way Atlanta is broadcasting the 211 Resource Center information above as broadly as possible. We never know who may be in need. Or, who someone may know who is in need and simply doesn’t know where to turn. Please let everyone know, they are not alone. We are here. And will do all we can to help minimize the personal impact of this pandemic. And while this card is for the Greater Atlanta area specifically, the 211 phone number spans the USA. Beyond Greater Atlanta, each local United Way (typically by county) will have a local team of responders. By calling 211, folks will connect with local resources wherever they are.   
Non-Profits That Need Your Help!
Senior Services North Fulton: www.ssnorthfulton.org
This past week we have seen a new trend in calls from senior citizens who are afraid to go out and shop for groceries.  We foresee adding many new temporary Meals on Wheels clients in the coming weeks/months.  Also, to limit volunteer contact with our current clients, we will be ordering bulk from our supplier to deliver 2-week supplies at a time.  We do not need food donations, just financial help for us to order more meals from our supplier.
North Fulton Community Charities: https://nfcchelp.org/nfcc-response-to-covid-19/
The Food Pantry is open, and you can make financial donations via their website
Fresh Market OPEN – NFCC NEEDS OUR HELP LIKE NEVER BEFORE!  If you’ve not participated before, the sign-up sheet is passed around each meeting. This is an easy way to serve those in need by taking breads and other items from Fresh Market to NFCC to be given to those in need. Contact Lee Doernberg.
  • Sid Browning – March 25th.
  • David Cochran – March 29th.
  • Kirk Driskell – March 30th.
  • Ted Schwartz – April 2nd.
  • Phillip Bartolacci – April 3rd.
  • Sumeet Shah – April 7th.
  • Jack & Beth Hausmann – April 5th (35-Years!).
  • Kerry & Karen Singley – April 5th (35-Years!).
  • Rex & Olivia Grizzle – April 7th (46-Years!).
Stay Well.  Stay Strong.
Will Daniel, President 2019-2020
Rotary Club of Alpharetta