Bell will ring at 7:25 this week – be ready to join the breakfast line!


As I type this I had yet another realization as to how quickly time flies with the coming and going of Easter, and a week when at least half the population of Alpharetta migrates away for Spring Break.  As a part of the half still here, I will enjoy a little less chaos with everyone gone, and a welcomed opportunity to catch-up – even just a bit.  For those of you travelling, I hope you have a wonderful, much needed, vacation!


Speaking of how time flies – don’t delay in registering for District Conference! If you’ve not been, it’s a great opportunity to meet fellow Rotarians from across the District, enhance your knowledge and understanding of Rotary, and best of all – spend quality time with members of our Club.    So - - - Please sign-up for District Conference, April 26th – 29th at San Destin. We strongly encourage you to register as soon as possible. If you are a new Rotarian since the last District Conference date, the Club will pay your registration fee!  See more detail, below!


This Week…

Our Foundation Chair, Mark Orr, will be presenting a number of Paul Harris Awards we have received in the past few weeks. We look forward to honoring those who have given $1,000 and more, cumulatively, to the Rotary Foundation.


Please keep in mind that gifts to the Rotary Foundation can be made anytime throughout the year – AND – you can sign-up to give any amount, automatically, on a monthly basis. Becoming a Paul Harris Fellow, and multiples thereof, is easy to accomplish. It takes just $84/month to give $1,000 over the course of a year. Further, as a Paul Harris Society member, I have committed to give at least $1,000 a year – and I never miss a beat.  Join me in becoming a Paul Harris Society member – the automatic payments make it easy to do! Mark Orr will give further details, and answer any questions, at Friday’s meeting.   


Our Speaker this week is Marvin O. (Dell) Spry (bio is  too interesting to summarize!)

Marvin O. (Dell) Spry currently works for Dorrean, LLC as an adjunct instructor with the Federal Bureau of Investigation teaching national security matters to new agents and analysts in training at the FBI Academy. He formerly served as a senior management consultant with Dorrean, where he taught an advanced course of instruction to FBI personnel concerning human intelligence (HUMINT) collection, intelligence tradecraft, and counterintelligence matters.

Prior to Dorrean, Spry served with the Department of the Army as the Intelligence Community Outreach Coordinator for the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization after retiring from a distinguished twenty year career at the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a counterintelligence supervisor. At the FBI Spry primarily worked on counterintelligence, counterespionage, and counterterrorism investigations. His tenure included 12 years of management experience at both headquarter and field office levels. While assigned to the FBI headquarters Spry was a member of the National Security Council Counterterrorism Working Group, and was liaison to the CIA Counterintelligence Center, Counterespionage Group. He was the lead investigator for the FBI in the Aldrich Ames investigation for which he received the FBI Director’s Award for Excellence in a Counterintelligence Investigation and the CIA Director’s Meritorious Service Award.

During his FBI career Spry conducted investigations in the countries of the Republic of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom whose governments presented him with Letters of Recognition. He was also involved in investigations in Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, and Cuba, where he established liaison with both the intelligence services and law enforcement services. He also performed humanitarian relief work in Ethiopia, Cambodia, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Sri Lanka.

Spry lives in Alpharetta, GA with his wife Susan. They have two children, Rachel and Steven, and two grandchildren Cynthia and Peyton


Vocational Minute

We will learn more about veteran Alpharetta Rotarian, Lauri Young, as she will give us our Vocational Minute this week.


Opportunities to Serve

  • Lionheart Gardens workday – May 5th (details to follow)
  • Fresh Market – questions? Contact Lee Doernberg 678-773-1039


Rotary Leadership and Conference Opportunities

District Conference

District Conference San Destin! April 26 – 29th Join us at the BEACH!


In the next few Weekly Updates, I want to give a special shout-out to some folks work to serve the Club behind the scenes and have significant impact on the experience we all have as Alpharetta Rotarians. The Spotlight this week is on Kerry Singley. Every meeting he attends (and he doesn’t miss many…), Kerry arrives by or before 6:45am to get the entire room set-up.  This includes all the many banners, table items and other things he drags out of our Rotary closet. When Kerry is out, Brian King will often step-up to the task. So – should you ever walk into a Friday meeting and things look out of place – I guaranty we are missing Kerry!  When you see Kerry, please take a moment to thank him for his consistent club service on our behalf.


See you non-Spring Breakers on Friday!