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Summary: During the month of October Alpharetta Rotarians in coordination with our four Interact Clubs began a campaign to raise awareness about distracted driving among teens in our community. Distracted driving is any activity that could divert a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving. Particularly in the teen community the temptation to texting and phone calls while driving is an ever present danger. To combat this danger and with the help of our Interact clubs we began a pledge campaign. The main objective was to get the most pledge forms signed with commitments NOT to text and drive, or otherwise be a distracted driver. To provide an incentive to the participating Interact Club we set aside $900.00 in award money that would go to help the clubs with their community service projects. The Interact Clubs canvassed their cafeterias, created morning announcement campaigns, and created and distributed stickers for the backs of cell phones. It was a winning campaign all around with over 4,000 pledges signed. The Interact Clubs were recognized for their effort and awards presented at a Rotary breakfast meeting. Alpharetta Rotary is grateful for the participation of all of our Interact Clubs in this campaign. Without question, the campaign was successful in raising awareness about Distracted Driving in our high schools and in our community, and in fostering SERVICE out in the community and getting as much engagement to that end as possible.