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Summary: In October 2012 Rotarians attended District 4400 Project Fair. Both District 6900 and 4400 were part of Future Vision Pilot Program. After reviewing a number of projects the decision was to work with the RC Portoviejo Reales Tamarindos to provide potable water for communities of Las Gilses and La Boca in Ecuador. The project included the construction of a cistern and a treatment plant. It also provided training at the child, adolescent, and adult level on the proper handling of water for health and sanitation. In November 2012 the grant was submitted to the District leadership and to RI who in December 2012 approved the project to be submitted as a global grant. In June 2013 the final grant was approved and funding was provided in August 2013. Work began immediately. An interim visit was conducted in November 2013 in conjunction to the 2013 Project Fair and in May 2014 we attended the dedication. Since May the training and operational completion of the water treatment plan has been ongoing with the final report completed in November 2014. To take a project from inception to completion has been a rewarding task. Friendship formed and a relationship with the community will be lasting. While Global Grants can span multiple years a Rotary Club has to stay committed beginning to end. As a result today this project provides clean drinking water for over 2,000 residents, ensures economic development, reduces water borne illnesses and finds residents better informed on health/water sanitation issues.