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Summary: The Rotary Club of Alpharetta approved and funded a grant for engineering services, filtration equipment and installation for a potable water system on the Monte Flor Campus in Chichcastenango Guatemala. Chichicastenango is an area of about 50K members. A vast majority are Mayan Indian. Average income in the area is below $2US/Day and the illiteracy rate is above 80%. The area is heavily impacted by at least 36 civil wars that ended in 1996 and killed and estimated 20K Mayans and left over 70K widows. Pray America is a US 501(C)(3) who works in Guatemala through its wholly controlled Guatemalan non-profit Manos de Jesus. Pray American was founded in 1994 by Ron Morin, who also founded Manos de Jesus in 2003. The work in Guatemala began as a nutrition program feeding 500+ children across three communities, twice per week. As the organization became part of the community additional needs were identified and programs designed to partner with local leaders and members of the community.