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Summary: The Rotary Club of Alpharetta funded a grant to purchase and provide Meals On Wheels to older adults in need. Our goal was to help reduce senior hunger and move seniors off the waiting list in North Fulton County. In addition, we have 10 Rotarians who are volunteering their time to deliver meals. We recognized that Georgia currently ranks 10th for senior hunger in the United States and unfortunately this includes residents of North Fulton County. The number of older adults living in their own communities who are malnourished is in the hundreds of thousands, with one expert estimating over one million homebound seniors may be malnourished. In fact, seniors residing in the South are at greatest risk of experiencing hunger or some form of food insecurity. Senior Services currently serves over 2,000 meals a month through our Meals on Wheels program. However when there is limited funding many seniors will not receive home delivered meals. Senior Service core program provides Meals on Wheels for North Fulton County seniors through the Fulton County Office of Aging. Seniors are put on a waiting list when funding is not available. The Alpharetta Rotary Club decided to help provide the addition funds Senior Services was seeking beyond what the Fulton County grant provides to help.